Charlotte Chapman


My name is Charlotte Chapman, Mum to Ezra and Ari and wife to Jamie. We have two dogs and a cat. We live in Tauranga and life is busy.
My goal is to provide education to people and parents about all aspects of food WITHOUT crazy diet fads or non factual information. I want to provide simple nutrition solutions for family members be it via consultations , group sessions or the retail store. I am all about making our lives easier and my products and offerings will do that for you!
I completed my Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and went on to work for a large food company for many years . I was fortunate enough to manage the kitchen which involved running all of our product tastings and writing cookbooks. I also got to design and run 2 hour cooking and nutrition sessions for college aged children in the community.
Lucky for me, Ezra is a fantastic eater, so I have been able to trial all sorts of new foods and recipes on him. This is how I discovered he loved sushi at 8 months ! I am not sure if Ari is quite as adventurous with his eating, but it is all a work in progress.
It is fair to say I am passionate about nutrition, food and cooking education in NZ, especially when it comes to our children.
They are our future and I think its vital to teach our children about healthy balanced diets and family eating.
Please reach out if there is anything we can help with.
Enjoy browsing the website.


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